International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)


IFZA is the newest economic zone in the very center of the emirate of Fujairah, which presents various business opportunities to logistics, trading companies and is focused on their business needs in an environmentally friendly and attractive environment.

FZA intends to quickly become a leading investment center in the thriving UAE economy, offering an individual approach combined with high international standards of service and cost-effective solutions.


Company advantages in the IFZA


  • The possibility of 100%  company ownership by foreign citizens;

  • lack of currency control;

  • exemption from most taxes (there is only a 5% value added tax);

  • a high degree of confidentiality of any information about the owners, shareholders and directors of companies;

  • simplicity in the business registration procedure;

  • accelerated license;

  • lack of paid authorised capital;

  • quick feedback from the Free Zone when resolving any issues;

  • no office required;

  • convenient geographical location near the international airport of the Emirate of Fujairah and seaports.


Types of companies


  • LLC (not FZ, FZE nor FZC)


Types of licenses


  • Consulting license - the provision of expert and professional consulting services for professionals.

  • Service license - allows you to provide various kinds of services.

  • Trading license - allows the client to trade items specified in the trading license.

  • General trading license - allows the client to trade a wider range of goods.

  • Industrial license - allows you to import raw materials, process it, produce products, pack and export.

  • Holding license - allows you to own individual assets and / or shares of other companies.


Shareholders and management


The number of directors - at least one. These can be only individuals.

The number of shareholders - at least one. These can be individuals and legal entities.


Authorized capital


Lack of paid authorised capital


Office spaces


No office required


- Virtual office

- Real office




The number of visas depends on the type of office you choose.


Accounting and auditing


No auditing




1. The registration deadline for a company is 1 day from the filing date.

2. A personal visit of a shareholder or representative acting on the basis of a power of attorney legalized in the UAE is required.



The specialists of PARUS are always ready to advise you in more detail on all issues regarding the company registration procedure in International Free Zone Authority.