Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF)


SAIF is one of the strongest business drivers in the region, offering high-speed service and simplicity in the incorporation procedure.  The SAIF licensing service is open 24 hours.  The customer base is one of the largest in the world, with access to more than 2 billion people over a four-hour flight; more than a third of the UAE's industrial activity is concentrated in Sharjah.

Over 5 thousand companies and enterprises from all over the world are registered in the territory under its jurisdiction .  These are companies operating in economic sectors such as industry and trade, information technology and professional consulting, international logistics and tourism, after-sales service, etc.


Company advantages in the  SAIF Zone 


- Global air traffic worldwide through Sharjah International Airport

- A huge selection of company locations and sites of different sizes and purposes

- Possibility of 100% foreign participation

- Exemption from taxes on business income (excluding VAT 5%)

- No restrictions on hiring foreign workers

- High level of confidentiality 

- Possibility to obtain tax resident status

- The company has the right to obtain a resident visa for shareholders and employees

- No customs duties when working with the Gulf countries


Types of companies


- Free Zone Company (FZC) - 2-5 participants (individuals or legal entities)

- Free Zone Establishment (FZE) - one founder (individual or legal entity)

- Branch of company - Subsidiary


Types of licenses


- Commercial (trading) license (s):

Import, export, distribution, storage or warehousing of goods specified in the license, the maximum limit - three similar product lines

- General trading license (B):

It can be obtained under a commercial license, which allows you to work with a wide range of products.

- Service license (C, D, E):

Service license allows the owner to provide the services specified in the license. All types of services are allowed, unless otherwise limited by federal or local authorities.

- Industrial license (F)

Import of raw materials, production, processing, assembly, packaging and export of finished products.


Shareholders and management


Shareholders can be individuals or legal entities.  A maximum of 5 participants are allowed. Corporate director is not allowed. There are no restrictions on the number of directors. Manager is required - he/she may be one of the shareholders / directors. No residency requirements for

shareholders / directors / managers.


Authorized capital


The minimum authorized capital is $ 41,096 / AED150,000, there are no requirements for its payment.


Office space

Accounting and auditing


Each company must keep proper records.  Accounting documents must be kept in the office of the company.  Auditing is required. Parus Management Consultancies provides independent auditors.




1. The registration deadline for a company is 1 day from the filing date.

2. A personal visit of a shareholder or representative acting on the basis of a power of attorney legalized in the UAE is required.

3. Confirmation of the residence place of the Shareholder, Director, Manager (for example, receipts for utility bills not older than 3 months) is required.

4. Establishment card is updated every year.

5. If the shareholder is a legal entity registered outside the UAE, his/ her documents are subject to legalization for an additional fee in accordance with the prices established by the authorities at the time of such legalization.



The specialists of PARUS are always ready to advise you in more detail on all issues regarding the company registration procedure in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone.