A new public joint-stock company – ADCB has been established in 1985 thanks to the merger of three banks: Emirates Commercial Bank, Federal Commercial Bank and Khaleej Commercial Bank. The main shareholder is the government of Abu Dhabi, which in 2019 controlled 65% of the organization’s shares through a special investment fund.

For the convenience of customers, the branches are opened not only in Abu Dhabi, but also all over the Emirates. Now, the network amounts 330+ ATMs and almost 50 branches. Over the past 10 years, the company has expanded its influence not only in the Middle East, but also all over the world by opening overseas branches in India, Jersey, England, and Singapore.

Abu-Dhabi Commercial Bank is known for its high requirements to customers. The Bank completely operates only with the residents of United Arab Emirates, while in the list of corporate clients it is impossible to find a single offshore company, even offshore companies in UAE, since the organization does not work with them. 

Corporate account

Information about bank tariffs


  • A checkbook is granted for use

  • Free debit card

  • Individual manager (English speaking)

  • Internet banking, mobile banking, access to the account through ATMs

  • Monthly account statement

Required documents:

- Originals of all statutory documents

- Certificate of Good Standing (if the company is more than one year old)

- Description of the activity (including partners, turnover, countries, etc.);

- Information about the founders;

Documents of the account manager / beneficiary:

 - Original of internal passport;

-  Original of foreign passport (with a resident visa);

-  Emirates ID;

- Confirmation of the customer address in UAE;

- Statement of personal account for the last 3 months;

- Data regarding the source of the beneficiary's funds origin;

- Documents showing the beneficiary's experience.

* The bank always reserves the right to request additional documents in the process of considering the issue of the account opening.


1. Bank does not open accounts for offshore companies;
2. Bank does not open accounts for NEW companies in free zones. Only for an existing company with an account.

Account opening period: up to 20 days after submitting all necessary documentation to the bank.



Our company specialists are always ready to advise you in more detail on all issues regarding the procedure for opening a current account with ADCB.